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It is estimated that drivers who average 12,500 miles a year driving can increase their efficiency to such a degree that the same fuel costs would take them over 16,000 miles after being trained in eco-friendly driving methods.

What is Eco-Driving?

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Eco-driving is a way of driving that reduces fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and accident rates. With today’s rocketing fuel prices and worry about the environment, it is not hard to see the benefits of eco-driving. Smart, smooth and safe driving techniques that can lead to average fuel savings of 5-10%.

Drivers of cars, vans, lorries and buses can all benefit from this style of driving through lower fuel costs, reductions in emissions and noise levels, and fewer accidents.

It’s easy and it needn't cost the earth

You may assume that to drive economically you need to drive a smaller car; drive more slowly; only go out on Sundays; use fuel saving devices or expensive fuel additives… This is just not true (at least not for now). Follow these simple tips and you will start to reap the benefits.

Call us now to book your Eco Driving training session and start to cut your fuel bills and save the planet in the process.

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