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Are you a Taxi Operator or thinking of becoming a Professional Taxi Driver? Are you worried about new health and safety regulation?

More and more local authorities are insisting upon an assessment of driving ability before issuing a licence to trade as a taxi or private hire driver. Legislation is constantly reflecting the requirements of the people, and standards are being raised to comply with this need.

The taxi test is designed to promote a high level of safe driving as well as to provide a licensing authority with a way of fulfilling their duty of care to the users of taxi's by ensuring that all taxi drivers have met a standard of driving which has been independently assessed.

What does the test entail?

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The DSA Taxi Test lasts for approximately 40 minutes. At the start of the taxi test you will carry out an eyesight test and be asked questions on the Highway Code, Traffic Signs and also "Cabology" questions.

During the road drive you should drive in a natural way as befits a professional driver using the correct routines and procedures. You will be assessed on your awareness, anticipation, effective planning for the prevailing road and traffic conditions, and correct use of speed. You will also be asked to carry out two manoeuvres to turn your vehicle around and possibly an emergency stop.(1 in 3)

You are allowed 9 driver faults during your test, 10 driver faults or 1 serious or dangerous fault would result in a fail.

If you require the wheelchair assessment this is carried out as a seperate test where you will be expected to demonstrate a safe and effective ability to install a wheelchair in your vehicle as well as to reverse the process.

For more information visit the DSA website

Hoot Hoot Driving School are able to provide training in the East Midlands area to fully prepare you for the Taxi Test.


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